Bongs vs. Dab Rigs

With new cannabis products hitting the shelves every day, we can bet you’re on the hunt for a new glass piece to enrich your smoking experience. Thankfully, BudBuddy is here to explain the differences between Bongs, Dab Rigs and Hand Pipes to help make your decision a little bit
easier! As a bonus, we even demonstrate the proper way to smoke out of each one!


Alien Head Perc Bong

Traditionally, bongs are used for smoking dry cannabis flower. They consist of three essential components: the main part of the bong itself, as well as a detachable downstem and bowl.

Here are some of our tips for smoking out a bong:
First, insert the downstem into the bong and fill the bong with water until the holes at the bottom end of the downstem are completely submerged.

Next, pack the bowl with a CBD strain of cannabis like Harlequin. Many smokers prefer grinding (insert link to grinder that we sell) their
cannabis prior to packing it for a more uniform hit. Fit the bowl onto your downstem, pop it inside the stem and finally bring the heat with your lighter while sucking in from the top hole of the bong. That is how you successfully take a hit.

Dab Rigs

Nano Inline Perc Bong

Dab Rigs are usually much smaller than bongs and are primarily used for cannabis concentrates. Cannabis concentrates exist in many forms, but the most common are wax, oil, crumble, rosin, and shatter. (For each of these, we will eventually link the word, for example, rosin, to an article about the different types of cannabis concentrates) Dab Rigs differ from bongs due to the attachment that is needed to consume the cannabis concentrate. These attachments are called, “bangers” or “nails,” rather than bowls.

Traditionally, a torch lighter is used to heat up the banger or nail to a visibly red hot temperature. The user would then take a “dabber” (which is a small utensil designed to connect a portion of concentrate with the nail or banger), scoop some of the concentrates out of wherever it’s being
stored, and touch the dabber filled with concentrate to the red-hot nail. This vaporizes the concentrate on contact, as you inhale through the other end of the rig. Because of the red-hot temperatures, a tool must be used to bring the wax to the hot glass/metal of the nail.

While it is a more complicated procedure, the perks of “dabbing” as it is called, is the increased potency of the medicine and its effects. One dab can have the potency equivalent of many flower hits from a bong. In other words, a Dab Rigs effects on the human psyche and body is highly desirable by chronically ill patients and recreational users alike.

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Hand Pipe

A hand pipe is perhaps the most classic way of smoking, aside from the traditional joint. The process to use it is pretty straightforward:

  1. Place your thumb to cover the carb (Small hole on the side of pipe).
  2. Fill the top bowl with flower
  3. Bring the lit lighter to the flower while Inhaling through the end. Release your thumb when you are ready to finish your hit. There you have it. That is the difference between the three main glass options you can find here at BudBuddy. Click on the names of any category above to be taken to each collection. Please check out our site and use discount coupon BB15 for 15% off your next order!