Little Devil Hand Pipe


Let the sin begin! The Little Devil Hand Pipe has all the themed glass and features you need for a hellish good time. As deep as the depths of hell, the deep bowl on this spoon pipe allows for massive packs of your herbs. In the front of this pipe is a pair of large, blood red horns. These horns add not only length to the Little Devil Hand Pipe but also character. The devil horns give the spoon pipe a very unique aesthetic. Another piece of worked glass can be found zig-zagging on the top of the pipe's tubing. This devil tail comes out of the side of the pipe and ends in a triangular point closer to the bowl. The devil tail matches the horn and the front of the pipe with its dark red coloring. You can't choose better coloring for the Little Devil Hand Pipe. It looks like it was crafted from the fiery depths of hell themselves. Coming in at about 5.5" long (including the horns), the Little Devil Hand Pipe is not that small but it is a mischievous fellow with how it can deliver monstrous hits. The carb hole located to the side of the deep bowl helps make this possible. Controlling the airflow, the side carb hole allows you to protect your herbs from being used up by accident. As you can see the Little Devil Hand Pipe has great functionality with even better looks. The Prince of Darkness will be very proud whenever you toke up with this beauty.