12" Clear Straight Tube


Hand Crafted from 38mm thick glass tubing the 12" Straight Tube from LA Pipes is exactly what you'd want in a simple scientific glass piece. If it's your first foray into larger water pipes this would be an ideal choice. The height is not too imposing, not enough room to "blow you up" every time you hit it, but large enough to build up lung dexterity for bigger and badder bongs. The 12" tall 3mm thick neck and chamber of this tube features a 3 pinch downstem in the center allowing for plenty of space to cool your hits with multiple ice cubes. The lenght also acts as a natural splashguard so you won't experince any splashback from percolation.

The tube chamber stands on a 3.5" wide base helping this bong stand tall and stay that way when filled with water and remember you only need enough water to cover the slits of the 3.5" 18mm to 14mm downstem, it doesn't take much to get this straight tub going! Load your favorite dry herbs in to the included 14mm male bowl and ligher er' up, straight tubes are also great for concentrates as well!