7 Inch Dab Rig w/ Perc - Gorgeous!


Newly Added!  A 7 Inch Dab Rig w. Perc ~ Perfect Addition to Our Small & Mini Rig Collection

Similar to our 4" mini dabber, that you can see HERE, the 7" provides a heavy punch as well as a small stature allowing for clean and easy dabbing without taking up the entire table.
This piece is made from extremely thick glass like all of our products meaning that even at its size dropping it shouldn't result in more than your heart skipping a beat.
Additionally, this dabber has a 4 slitted perc at the base providing some filtration to your concentrate before you inhale.  It also has a small ash catcher built into it meaning you are able to smoke both concentrate and flower from it and allowing for you to clean both of them out equally and pretty easily.

Dab Rig Details:

  • Size - 7 inches in height
  • 4mm-5mm thick glass
  • Comes with 14mm male banger
  • Slitted perc
  • Bent neck
  • Comes in 4 color options