Airis 8 Dab Replacement Coil 5pk

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 The Airis Dab Replacements Coils come straight for the manufacturers at Airistech and use the same patented "Qcell" Quartz heating technology as the originals that came with your vaporizer.

The Qcell uses a breathable fritted quartz glass disc to heat your concentrates allowing for improved flavor profile, prevents clogging, and decreases waste of your wax, crumble, and other materials.

Using the Dab Coil

screw in the replacement quartz dish coil into your Airis vape with the vented cap screwed on tightly as well, press the power button and inhale those flavor filled clouds!

Airistech HeadBanger Dip Straw Replacement Coil Pack Includes:

  • x5 Airis Dab Replacement Coils


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