Barrel to Fab Egg Incycler Bong

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This barrel to fab egg incycler bong gives you a super smooth and tasty hit with every inhale. Made out of thick clear glass, this bong allows you to view your smoke's journey from the second you light up out of the 14mm female joint to its exit out of the bent neck and flared mouthpiece. The 14mm female joint is supported by a sturdy Dewar's joint and leads to the barrel perc located at the bottom of the bong's chamber. This barrel perc has many slits to diffuse your smoke and leads it through the swiss fab egg design. This fab egg combines into your incycler for further filtration. An incycler works as a recycler but the process takes place inside of the bong.
This bong comes with your choice of a matching bowl, dome and nail, or you can pick both.