Boo Glass Special Triple Perc Water Pipe

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Newly Added!  Part of the Boo Glass Line of Glass Bongs with Triple Percs!

Our very own Boo Glass water pipe is one of a kind. It comes with two chambers and three different percs. That ought to be enough percolators for just about anyone!

This piece starts with double shower head percs in the base of the first chamber before leading to a tree perc in the top chamber.  On top of that, it has thick and nearly indestructible base meaning it won't break easily. 

Not an inch was wasted in the design of this product allowing for the most filtration possible in the smallest size we could manage.  If you are looking for a dependable and nice looking water pipe, this is your best bet.  

Bong Details:

  • 12 inch height
  • 5 mm thick glass
  • Showerhead + tree percs in 1 piece
  • Color accents
  • Bowl included