Boo Glass Specialty Series 19" Glycerin Coil Bong

bullet-point Height: 19 inches
bullet-point Joint: 18mm female
bullet-point Thick Borosilicate Glass
bullet-point Freezable Glycerin Coil
bullet-point Sprinkler Perc
bullet-point Dewars Joint
bullet-point Inline Perc
bullet-point BLUE & BLACK available


This fantastic water pipe blends all of modern glass engineering’s best features. Advanced percolation blends with the cooling power of glycerin for silky smooth clouds. As you pull from the thick flared mouthpiece, goodness swirls through three cleansing stations. Bubbles stack as the journey begins in a standard 18mm, 90-degree female joint. This type of joint is popular for upgrading with a quartz banger nail for concentrate fun in addition to the dry herb slide provided.

The inline perc sends inhales bubbling through the awe-worthy sprinkler percs for an epic transformation. Before exiting the straight neck silhouette, a chilled glycerin coil -- accented by an excellent milli glass marble -- adds an exhilarating final flourish. The glycerin coil is always at the ready, since it can simply be stored right in your freezer! It secures back into place with a sturdy keck clip. This modular design also makes it easy to clean the maneuverable, small-sized elements better than a full water pipe.