Chiller Multi Kit

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Grav Labs is giving you the freedom to not only take your glycerin pipe with you wherever you go, but also allowing you to choose how you want to use it. The Grav Labs Chiller Multi Kit comes with many parts but don't be intimidated by this. All three parts are very easy to interchange. No matter what attachment you are using, the glycerin pipe cools your smoke down without using any ice cubes. The glycerin mouthpiece is an upgrade from your traditional ice catcher, which can leave a mess when ice cubes melt in bongs and water pipes. Just leave your glycerin mouthpiece in the freezer and take it out before you want to use it. The mouthpiece is the one constant in this smoking experience. You have a choice of three attachments; a bubbler, a bowl, and a nectar collector. All three attachments have 14mm male joints to go with the 14mm female joint of the glycerin mouthpiece. Each are held securely in place by a keck clip.

The bubbler helps your smoking experience by acting as a portable glass water pipe. The water, combined with the fixed downstem, filters your smoke before it reaches your mouth. This bubbler is made with thick, high grade scientific glass and the quality is checked before shipping. Also, the bubbler comes with two knobs on the bottom so you can place it down if needed. The next option you have is the bowl attachment. This is a more compact option and works like a hand pipe which is good for when you don't have access to water or are looking for something quick. The last option is a nectar collector. The nectar collector adds another aspect to the glycerin pipe because it allows you to use it for your concentrates. This 3 in 1 glass pipe is distributed by Grav Labs in Austin, Texas.