Custom Glass 3.5" Gold Fumed Brick Hand Pipe

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The Gold Fumed Brick Square Hand Pipe from Pioneer Glass is a small straight pipe that has a narrow, rectangular shape. It sits squarely on a flat surface, eliminating the risk of it tipping over and spilling out its contents. This handheld pipe resembles a chillum but is still considered a hand pipe because the deep bowl is located on the top of the device rather than at the end.

Pack the bowl with your favorite strain, cover the choke at the opposite end from the mouthpiece, and take your hit! It could not be any easier to use, which makes it great for both novice and veteran smokers. The Gold Fumed Brick pipe is small, just 3.5” long, and has a deep blue background with a lighter blue brick pattern engrained throughout. Each small brick has a little oval detail in the center. Each bowl is unique; the precise pattern will vary between pipes.

Do you have some empty space in your glass display case? The Gold Fumed Brick Square pipe makes a seamless addition to the rest of your small glass hand pipes. Its shape makes it extra sturdy on a shelf, so place it anywhere you please. These are exactly the type of lightweight, cheap glass hand pipes your customers are looking for in a pinch.