Custom Glass 5” Silver Fumed Honeycomb Spoon Hand Pipe

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The Silver Fumed Honeycomb hand pipe is a spoon pipe that fits comfortably in hand. This handheld pipe has the classic flower bowl shape: a deep, round bowl with a straight stem that is slightly slimmer at the mouthpiece. These glass pipes are just 5” long, which makes them great for using on the go. Store in a protective case and just toss in your bag on your way out. Hand pipes are a staple for any smoker because of how easy they are to use. Pack the deep bowl with your favorite strain, cover the choke on the left side of the bowl, and light! Do you have some space you need to fill in your glass display case? The Silver Fumed Honeycomb bowl perfectly blends in with the rest of your offerings. These are the classic silhouettes of cannabis accessories your customers are looking for, they will be a hit with novice and long-time smokers alike!