Custom Glass Water Pipe - 6" - Rake

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The Rake Water Pipe from Pioneer Glass is a small, beaker-style water pipe with a curved mouthpiece. This bong has a standard shape with a wide base that is very stable on a flat surface. The bowl attachment jets out in front and has a male 14mm joint. A glass flower bowl with a mini handle for easy removal is included, but this piece can also be used as a dab rig simply by inserting a 14mm banger.

Glass water pipes provide an incredibly smooth, pure-tasting smoking experience. The water provides a filtration element that makes the inhale a lot less harsh than using a standard hand pipe. Pack the bowl with your favorite strain of dry herb, watch your milk hit in the large base chamber, and pull the bowl out to clear the smoke. This delivers a much more powerful hit than pieces that don’t feature a water element.

Standing just 6” tall, the Rake water pipe gets its name from the swirled design around the base. Blue and white stripes adorn the sides in a design that looks like a rake was dragged through some wet paint. Because of its small stature, this piece can fit in your glass display case with other hand pipes and smaller pieces, or put it front and center in your larger display cases. This is a great starter bong for those new to the habit!

Colors may vary.