"Chandelier" Recycler

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The Centerpiece of any connoisseur's collection: The Chandelier Recycler


The Multi-Armed Recycler is absolutely stunning and smokes as smooth as it looks. A true piece of glass engineering. 



  • Thick Glass Construction
  • Bent Neck
  • Clear Glass
  • Colored Glass
  • Dewar's Joint
  • 45° Joint
  • Flared Mouthpiece
  • Honeycomb Perc
  • Showerhead Perc
  • Dry Herb Recycler
  • Thick Glass
  • 14mm Female Joint
  • 5" Diameter Sturdy Base
  • Barrel Perc Central Chamber
  • Five Chambered Honeycomb Percs
  • Flared Lip Mouthpiece To Bent Neck Tubing



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