Donut Bite Me Hand Pipe

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Packin' The Donut Hole

It might have a bite missing, but the Empire Glassworks Donut Glass Pipe is still a sweet thing in hand! It’s beautifully colored glass that looks like a chocolate glazed donut with sprinkles on top! The bowl is on the bottom, and a carb on the side lets you feather hits.

This tasty hand pipe is made with scientific borosilicate glass. It shapes perfectly and holds sharp colors beautifully while resisting cracks and breaks. Empire Glassworks is known for its artistic craftsmanship, excellent quality, and attention to detail.


Sweet Without Sticky Hands

Empire Glassworks is known for functional glass art. Their design team creates eloquent, nostalgic and emotional glassworks celebrating the ‘grandeur of life.’ They make bongs, rigs, bowls, dabbers, and beyond!