Dragon Sphere Honey Straw

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Legendary Dag Dragon Of Earth

Here there be a Dragon Sphere Honey Straw that is yours to command for awesome, rich dabs! You may not get to wish to be the strongest warrior in all the cosmos, but you'll definitely get more than three hits of delicious dab smoke. Dabron is durable in hand and decorated finely with dragon ball opals wrapped around a mystical sphere! No dragon radar necessary!

This dab straw is not only beautiful with intricate torch work, but it’s incredibly powerful and handles heat well from a butane torch lighter for ferocious dabs. Empire Glassworks brings another exciting glass pipe to life!


Glass Bead Masters

Empire Glassworks is known for functional glass art. Their design team creates eloquent, nostalgic, and emotional glassworks celebrating the ‘grandeur of life.’ 

Your glass honey straw deserves great accessories like butane torch lighters, dabbers, and silicone gear of all kinds!