DynaVap VapCap M

by DynaVap
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Thermal extraction pipe

The DynaVap M 2020 offers a sleek look and incredible performance! You only need a torch lighter for ultimate flavor because this unique device uses thermal heat instead of combustion!  

Using a lighter makes this a great crossover device for those leaving burning behind. This pipe is designed with the DynaCap, a thermal shield that snaps on over the bowl. The torch lighter heats, and the cap thermally warm the weed, releasing cannabinoids and terpenes more cleanly.

Battery-free vapor

The 3.6" DynaVap stainless steel pipe shows great machining for lots of comfortable finger grips. There are twin airport inlets cut into the front for great airflow and one on the backside that instantly tells your fingers where to go. as well as easily rocking the pipe back and forth as you heat it.

Innovative pipe design

This is a modular pipe with four pieces that assemble easily for an airtight seal. There’s a tip with stylistic ridges for easier digging of weed in a dugout. There’s also a new Adjust-a-Bowl feature, a center condenser slide that allows for bigger or smaller chamber loads as well as cools air before inhaling.

The DynaVap M 2020 has a tapered 10mm mouthpiece designed to work with standard-sized bongs. The new Captive Cap has locking ridges that fit into the airflow channels in the tip to ensure that the cap stays secure when you heat the cap with a torch lighter!