Era Pro Vaporizer

by PAX
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 Introducing The PAX Era Pro

The Pax Era takes smoking concentrated oils to all new levels of simplicity while giving the user a wide range of controls wrapped in an elegant, sleek package. Welcome to the PAX way of life!

Starting a New Era

The Era vaporizer is only compatible with PAX Simpleclick pods filled and sold by your local authorized retailer. They Cannot be manually filled.

 Pax Era is an auto draw vaporizer meaning you don't have to press any buttons when you wish to begin a session, simply put your lips to the Era's mouthpiece and pull your breath inward. This also means you don't have to worry about turning the Era on and off, as the battery only activates while you inhale, and shortly shuts off after you're done. 

Era Petals blink White while charging, and turn solid when full charged (200 Puffs per charge).Gently shake the Era to check battery life with each white petal representing 25% of the Era's battery life. All four petals will blink red when the Era battery needs to be recharged.

Insert the PAX Smartclick pod and the Era petals will sweep white in color to indicate proper connection, and sweep blue in color when a pod is disconnected.

Session Tracking

Track your usage and sessions with The Era's session tacking technology; double tap the side of your Era pod device with a finger and the LED petals will begin to cycle colors starting with green, blue, then red and back to green and so on until finished showing you the session count, each full color cycle indicating four pulls (4 green, 4 blue, and 4 red would indicate a total of 12 pulls). To reset sesison tracking tap the PAX Era 6 times on its side and reset, indicated by swirling green petals or just wait 30 minutes between your next session and the Era will reset the count automatically.

Changing Temperature Settings

To enter Temperature change mode, shake your PAX Era and when the LED petals turn white, remove the Smartclick pod. The petals will begin lighting up one after another indicating a different temperature setting as follows:

  • Low - Green
  • Medium - Yellow
  • High - Orange
  • Highest - Red

 You will have 2 seconds between each petal color change to click the smart pod back into place to select that temperature. Though red is the highest setting that doe's not necessarily mean it will get you the highest, that is dependent on the concentrates and not temperature. Higher temperatures offer more vapor and bigger clouds, while lower temperatures offer less harsh, flavorful hits. Even more temperature setting await with the PAX Era App!

Downloading The PAX Era App

Start by downloading the PAX Vapor app to your smartphone, available on either Apple or Google play. Make sure the Bluetooth on your smart phone is activated and open the PAX Vapor app, after doing so shake your Era vaporizer until the LED petals turn blue indicating it has entered pairing mode. The LED lights will swirl to confimr connection to the PAX Vapor app has been made and almost instantly you will see your PAX Era appear on your smartphone screen were you can name the device. A tutorial will be available to you explaining a variety of new features you have access to including; Temperature controls, Custom LED setting & brightness, security options, games, and Era software updates. 

 The PAX Era Kit Includes:

x1 PAX Era Pro Battery

x1 PAX USB Cable

PAX Smartclick Pods sold separately