Eyce Solo

by Eyce
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Silicone Dugout Goodness

Having a smoking accessory like the Eyce Solo silicone dugout lets you take a sesh anywhere you want, right in your pocket. This Solo goes wherever you dare because it’s made of premium materials, is the perfect pocket size, and comes in so many fantastic color schemes!

The Solo dugout itself features premium food-grade silicone. It’s an excellent material that resists rips and tears, can withstand extreme temperatures from -100º to 500º without damage and can be molded into the Solo’s cool and functional shape.

Silicone Strength

Silicone can form tight seals, and the Eyce Solo has a unique design made to clamp tight. The ridges underneath the easily removable lid hold it tightly in place. There’s also a compartment on the bottom for more stash with a snug-fitting top.

Inside the Solo are a borosilicate glass one-hitter pipe (also called a ‘taster’ or a ‘bat’) and a stainless steel poker tool. The pipe and poker have their compartments inside the Eyce silicone dugout, next to the large stash chamber.

The Eyce Solo silicon dugout comes in multiple, non-fading color options to suit your tastes. Then, you need to fill it up with stash, and using a quality weed grinder will give the glass pipe the perfect consistency to load a bowl.