Famous X Beaker 8" Prism Water Pipe - Rainbow Fume

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The Famous X Prism 8” water pipe is a handcrafted piece from Famous Brandz that is a real showstopper. Made from high-quality, thick borosilicate glass, this is a piece that is destined to become a prized possession. It has a relatively small stature that functions flawlessly, providing a colorful experience with each session. Standing 8” tall, the Prism has a rainbow fumed finish that is bright and opaque. Each piece will have its own unique mix of colors due to the nature of the finish. There is a subtle Famous Brandz star etched into the side of the base. This short and squat beaker bong has a straight neck and beaker base. It has an ice pinch just above the downstem for frosty, smooth hits that cool the smoke. Included with the Prism is a percolated downstem for optimal filtration, and a 14mm glass flower bowl with a handle. The little knob makes the bowl super easy to handle, without the risk of burning fingers on a hot bowl after it’s been lit a few times. It also doubles as a kickstand so it won’t roll away on a table. The Prism is a basic, yet elegant beaker ice bong that is extremely easy to clean and maintain.