FLYTLAB - Ctrl. Vapor System

by Flytlab

The Ctrl. Cartridge Vapor System by FLYTLAB provides an easy to use, efficient and discreet way for you to medicate whether you're at home or traveling. Featuring a sleek design, streamlined controls and unrivaled cartridge compatibility compared to its competitors. The FLYTLAB Ctrl. will work with all vape cartridges that have a diameter of 11 mm or smaller, 1/2 gram and full gram cartridges with both top and bottom airflow can be used. 

The innovative design of the FLYTLAB Ctrl. serves several key functions. Firstly, by providing a completely concealed chamber, once easily recognizable cartridges are now completely hidden from sight, allowing you to medicate discretely no matter where you are. The fully enclosed chamber also provides protection for your cartridges, and reduces the likelihood that they will break in your pocket, purse or bag. Additionally, this unique design prevents your cartridges from being exposed to sunlight, which may help to preserve the flavors and/or terpene profile of your concentrates.