Fold-A-Bowl Silicone Bong

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Ever want to bring along your bong but don't have the room or you're afraid of breaking it? The Fold-A-Bowl is the solution for you. It is a portable silicone bong that folds down to the size of your palm while still being functional. Every Fold-A-Bong is made with 100% medical grade silicone. Besides this material being safe for you to smoke out of, it is also odorless and flavorless so you don't have to worry about whatever you just smoked sticking around after you're done. If you still want some piece of mind, the bong is dishwasher safe for extreme convenience. Each Fold-A-Bong silicone pipe comes with a 9mm composite downstem and a matching 9mm anodized alloy eject-able bowl. Both of these are removable to help in cleaning. This pipe is nearly indestructible so it is perfect for smoking outdoors and on the go. Although it comes with a bowl, it can also be used as a dab rig with a corresponding nail or by simply flipping the bowl, making it into a male joint susceptible for use with a 14mm domeless female nail. It is available in a host of colors.