Genius Pipe

by Genius

Waterless Smoke Filtering Hand Pipe

The Genius Pipe is a brilliantly designed anodized aluminum hand pipe that swirls, cools, and filters smoke using hundreds of tiny, little percs- without water! It’s patented, no-cough technology based on the fluid dynamics used in cooling nuclear reactors.

The Genius Pipe uses dimple technology to create millions of micro vortices, little spinning tornadoes, that chill smoke as it’s drawn through the pipe. It achieves this, without water, with the sleek 3-piece body design that’s just over a quarter-inch tall but five times as wide.

The flat, wide chamber pulls smoke like a cascading waterfall, chilling the hot air one dimple at a time and all at once. The result is completely chill hits full of flavor, filtered from debris and fine particulate matter, right in the palm of your hand. 

The sleek and unique Genius Pipe relies on the lightweight yet durable strength and quick heat transfer abilities of aluminum. All three body parts are made from it, creating a lightweight, distinct look that feels hefty in hand.

The two main pieces making up the dimple chamber are held together with 12 strong neodymium magnets, which easily slide apart because of the wide, thin and long body part shapes (but come apart only when you want them to!). 

The third piece of the Genius Pipe body is the cover. This millimeters-thin strip of aluminum has strategically placed holes to expose or extinguish the bowl with a simple slide of the cover. The logo shape is also used to control the heat drawn in by narrowing the opening. 

Another brilliant thing about Genius Pipe design is color. Anodized aluminum sets color forever, both bright and dark. Each body part can be differently colored, too, creating mix-and-match color combos, each of them cool.

Genius Pipe is also known for limited edition series hand pipes. These designs offer clever color combinations and covers with unique features, like built-in herb shredders or themed graphics. Check back at Dankstop often to see what limited edition Genius Pipe is new!

The Top Secret Stealth model, for example, has all matte black pieces and looks about as noticeable as a shadow. But, check out the Chong’s Choice Genius Pipe with its bright stream of very noticeable green smoke from the pipe of smiling Tommy himself.