Glyco Glycerin Chilled Water Pipe

by Ooze
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Ooze Glyco Glycerin chilled glass water pipe

The 6.5” Ooze Glyco glycerin chilled glass water pipe is designed for incredibly chill hits! Put this powerhouse in the freezer for about an hour, fill the tank with water, then this mighty-might water pipe packs a big punch! The cold glycerin chills and condenses smoke for tighter, smoother rips.

This beaker bong features dual-layered, hollow borosilicate glass on the water chamber and bowl. The hollowed chambers are filled with freezable liquid glycerin in multiple bright color options, including blue, yellow, purple, green, red, and orange. 

The Ooze Glyco features a fixed 14mm female stem with a glass perc downstem, a bent neck, and a flat mouthpiece. The 14mm male removable bowl has a built-in, star-shaped glass screen, helping keep debris out of the water. 


PRO TIPS: some best practices to get the most out of your Glyco:

  1. DO NOT fill your Glyco with water BEFORE freezing; this can negatively affect the bong’s percolator. Place your empty Glyco in the freezer for about an hour (for maximum effect). Remove from the freezer and fill the chamber with water.
  2. Ensure the Glyco on a flat surface in the freezer, preventing any knocks or bumps while freezing.
  3. DO NOT use a butane torch or torch lighter to light your Glyco bowl. The extreme change in temperature can negatively affect the glass of the bowl. Stick to using a regular lighter to prevent any possible issues!