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Airistech's Headbanger is not only a portable concentrate vaporizer, it also doubles as an electric nectar straw jam packed with exclusive features while maintaining pocket sized discretion. 

Potable Bubbler

The first stand out feature you may notice about the Headbanger is the quartz glass mouthpiece bubbler. You won't many (if any) pocket sized portable vaporizer that offer its user the option to use water, cooling hits and providing added filtration making each hit of your favorite concentrates supremely flavorful. The glass bubbler mouthpiece slides into its custom designed chamber of the HeadBanger, and is also easy to clean with a quick soak in isopropyl alcohol.

Patented Heating Element

Even more unique, the HeadBanger is the first vaporizer to utilize Airistech patented "Qcell" Quartz heating technology. The Qcell uses a breathable fritted quartz glass disc to heat your concentrates allowing for improved flavor profile, prevents clogging, and decreases waste of your wax, crumble, and other materials.

Quick How To

Press the button on the side of your HeadBanger Battery five times to turn on and off, when turned on press an additional three times to cycle through the various temperature settings available; 3.4v Low(Green), 3.7v Medium(Blue), 4v High(Red) each offers something different, with higher temperatures creating robust vapor clouds while lower temperatures give you more flavorful pulls.

Nectar Straw 

 Screw the Airistech quartz touch coil on the bottom of the headbangerso the quartz coil faces downward. Slide the glass bubbler mouthpiece in place and press the power button, once the quartz tip begins to heat press into the concentrates and inhale. The included magnetic cover lets your store your concentrates right next door to the quartz nectar straw tip in a quartz jar you can dip right into when you want to smoke!

Concentrate Vaporizer

To smoke your concentrates in a standard box vaporizer format load (with your concentrates) and screw in the quartz dish coil into the bottom of your Headbanger vape with the glass dish facing upwards towards the sleeve where you'll insert the glass bubbler mouthpiece press the power button and inhale those flavor filled clouds!

Airistech HeadBanger Kit Includes:

  • x1 Headbanger Battery
  • x1 Q1 Dip Coil
  • x1 Q2 Dab Coil
  • x1 Q1 Dip Coil
  • x1 Magnetic Tank Cover
  • x2 Quartz Jar
  • x1 Glass Water Bubbler
  • x1 Stainless Dab Tool
  • x1 Micro USB Charger
  • x1 Cleaning Brush
  • x1 Carry Bag
  • x1 User Manual
  • x1 Gift Box

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