Heavy Duty Spoon Pipe


Just as their name suggests, every product from Higher Standards is held to just that and their Heavy Duty Spoon Pipe is no exception. Hand crafted in the USA this ergonomic hand pipe delivers smooth, flavorful smoke in a high quality 3mm thick format.

The Higher Standards spoon has all the features you'd desire in this type of smoking device including a deep bowl for large packs of herbs and long sharable smoking sessions, a flared mouthpiece for an airtight seal when pulling, and a flat base for the pipe to rest on when not in use. Control airflow with a left side carb, and watch the pipes clear chamber fill with dense clouds of delicious smoke.   

Higher Standards has crafted a truly perfect hand pipe that captures all the best aspects of durability and functionality, and this will certainly become one of the most used smoking pipes in your collection from the moment its' beautiful smoke clouds hit your lips!