HEMPER Dabbing Kit

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The HEMPER Dabbing kit is the best way to jump-start your dab game. Whether you're a collector or completely new to dabbing, this kit contains everything you need for a dab session (well, almost everything).

Featuring the tried and true HEMPER Crystal Ball Rig, our sturdy quartz 14mm banger, the reliable HEMPER V2 Torch, and directional carb cap, you'll be spinning terps in no time. And when you're finished, we've even got clean up and storage covered with our HEMPER Tech Wooden Cotton Tips and HEMPER Glass Pad.

Get dabbing at a steal with the HEMPER Dabbing Kit!

  • Hemper Crystal Ball Rig
  • Assorted HEMPER Glass Pad
  • HEMPER Tech Cotton Buds
  • Assorted HEMPER Small Directional Carb Cap
  • Assorted HEMPER V2 Torch
  • 14mm Male High Airflow Quartz Banger