Herbva X


 The Airistech Herbva X is a portable 3-in-1 vaporizer all wrapped up in a pocket size 8oz  aluminum frame. The curvature of the battery fits comfortably in your hand, with the power and temperature LED lights on one side, and the USB charging port at the bottom of the other. At the top of the Herbva X is the ceramic heating chamber where you can insert any of the 3 "bullet" quartz glass mouthpieces each specified for the material of your choosing.

Each of the following "Bullet" chambers use a rubber silicone fitting to slide snuggly into the ceramic heating chamber on the Herbva X battery and should create an airtight seal when smoking. Each chamber has a 510 thread that screws into the Herbva X glass mouthpiece. Pre pack your bullets before you head out, and swap them as you please while on the go!

Dry Herb:

The Herbva X herb bullet has a ceramic bottom with holes and a screen at the top to prevent material inhalation through the mouthpiece. Dry herb is best roasted at the lower temperature settings.

Solid and Wax Concentrates:

Load your thicker concentrates into the Herbva X concentrate bullet. This chamber features a ceramic base with no holes so the concentrates do not overflow into the main ceramic chamber of the battery. Thicker Concentrates are best apired with the higher temperatures of the Herbva X vaporizer.

Oil Concentrates:

The Herbva X Oil bullet is packed with cotton at the bottom to absorb oil burnoff and prevent leakage. Medium to high temperature settings are recommended when smoking oil concentrates in the Herbva X

 Quick How To:

Herbva X has a powerful 1000mAh battery, powering sessions all day long and reaching any of the five preset temperatures in 30 seconds or less! With a bullet loaded in the heating chamber, press the Herbva X power button five times to turn the battery on, and it will instantly begin heating the oven to the temperature setting that is illuminated, with the lowest temperature starting at the bottom, and the highest at the top right beneath the power button. Your temperature options include; 375°F, 390°F, 405°F, 420°F, and 435°F. Once your session is complete press the power button five times to turn the battery off.  When running low on battery life the Herva X power button will blink red. Plug your USB charger into the port at the base of the battery and the light will turn solid; Red indicates low battery, blue indicates a medium level, and the power button will turn a solid green when fully charged! 

Airistech Herbva X Kit Includes:

  • x1  Herbva X
  • x1  Herb bullet
  • x1 Essential Oil bullet
  • x1 Wax Concentrate bullet
  • x2 Extra silicone ring
  • x1 Fiber carry bag
  • x1 Cleaning brush
  • x1 Dab Tool
  • x1 User Manual
  • x1 USB
  • x1 Gift box