High Def 3D Wooden Rolling Tray


This wooden rolling tray is durably constructed and has elevated sides that keep your stash where it should be. There’s also a divot on one side to funnel weed into a container. The graphic is permanently adhered to and features a 3D holographic image.


Rolling Tray Stoned

Keep it weird with the holographic Bat Country 3D High Def Wood Rollin' Tray that moves madly right at you! Duke and Gonzo blazing their psychedelic path through the desert on a durable wooden tray, screaming with original drippy, trippy art.

This wooden rolling tray is strongly built with raised sides to keep your stash in place. There’s a divet where you can funnel herb back into a container. 

Wood Tray Trippers

The 3D imagery of Duke and Gonzo come to life in two sizes; Small (7.75” x 5.5” x 1”) and Medium: (11.75” x 7” x 1”). The high-minded designers create the full-color graphic at V Syndicate. It resists fading and staining for a long, wild ride.

This collectible wooden rolling tray is perfectly paired with other great gonzo gear. Herb grinders and pre-rolls, dank dab gear like silicone mats and oil containers as well as smell-proof storage to keep your stash safe all work well with this wooden tray’s wild pair.


Musk-Have Smoke Wares

Aim for Mars with the Space Xhale 3D High Def Wood Rollin' Tray and share a doob in zero gravity. In space, you can’t smell musk, but on this tray, it’s coming right at you. It’s a visionary look at futurism on a wooden rolling tray!


Rolling Tray Trip

Get your grin going with the Seshigher Cat 3D High Def Wood Rollin' Tray, where you can hang with the trippy, smiling feline. It’s a psychedelic swirl of bright pink and ice blue that’ll mesmerize you even before you smoke that bud!

This wooden rolling tray is the center of Wonderland and the middle of your sesh gear. Herb grinders and rolling machines, waterworks like glass bongs or dry herb vapes, all hang well with this wooden tray’s trippy kitty.