Honey Dabber II Nectar Collector Kit with Quartz and Titanium Nails and Cork Case - Black Edition

Enjoying concentrates at home is a breeze, but it gets a little trickier when it’s time to take them on the go. Dab rigs tend to be big and bulky, and not to mention breakable. Nectar collectors are the new wave for portable dabs. The Honey Dabber II is a quality-made, durable dab straw that many now swear by and have adopted as their “daily driver”. The Black Edition of the Honey Dabber II is crafted with locally sourced Black Walnut wood, and is laser engraved with the brand name. The piece is finished with all-natural boiled linseed oil. The quartz tip comes already assembled in the dab straw, and a long titanium tube also comes in the kit and acts as a substitute nail. There is a patented heat-resistant sleeve that covers the hot nail once the session is done. This eliminates the need to wait for the nail to cool, it can be stored away immediately without burning any fingers or surfaces! This revamped kit is packaged in an attractive, slim natural cork case. It has a zipper that curves across the front, allowing the kit to fully open on a flat surface. Also included in this kit is a clear, platinum-cured silicone concentrate jar. Pack it full of your favorite strain, grab a torch lighter, and hit the road with the Honey Dabber II Kit.


  • HONEY DABBER II | The Honey Dabber II is a high-quality, durable version of a nectar collector. This makes taking concentrates on the go accessible and convenient, with no delicate pieces to break.
  • TRAVEL KIT | The Honey Dabber II Kit provides a new, fashionable natural cork carrying case. This is a slim cork sleeve that has a zipper that curves diagonally across the front to allow it to open flat.
  • NAILS | This kit includes a quartz nail tip and a titanium replacement tip. Easily swap a used or dirty nail out for a new one. Both nails provide an excellent experience, it just comes down to personal preference on which one to use.
  • BLACK EDITION | The Honey Dabber II Black Edition has a sleek, darker finish than the original Honey Dabber II straw. Made from Black Walnut wood, it has an elegant appearance that is discreet.
  • DURABLE | The Honey Dabber team goes to great lengths to ensure the quality of their products. This dab straw is durable, and the cork case protects it while not in use. The wood is super strong, and can even float in water.