"HoneyVac" Nectar Collector with Titanium Tip

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Dialed-in dabbers already know about this awesome little tool that delivers powerful hits in a delicate package. Nectar collectors are a portable way to enjoy dabs on the go, and our Honey Tip Honey Collector offers the finest functionality at a fabulous price.

These nectar collectors come as a kit with a glass body that serves as a water chamber and a detachable neck, plus a quartz tip and a titanium tip—everything you need to get busy as a bee.

As with normal dab rigs, you'll need a torch to heat up the end like you would any nail or banger. Once it cools to your desired temperature, the Honey Tip works by tapping the tip into a dish of your favorite concentrate. A robust inhale with bring that sweet vapor up through the water chamber, delivering smooth dab after dab.