Jay and Bob Mini Water Pipes Groovy Blue

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Jay and Silent Bob are here with mini water pipes to provide you the water filtration you want, but the portability of a pipe. They have everything you love about a larger piece, just miniature! JSB mini water pipes sit 4”/10.16cm tall and are made from handblown borosilicate glass.

The bent neck acts as a splash guard to allow you to take a hit without the fear of splash back, while the choke in the back lets you regulate air flow for the perfect hit. The large bowl can be packed with herb, and is equipped with a handle to make pulling it out easier. The bowl is attached to the downstem for straightforward cleaning. Unlike typical bubblers the pieces can be removed and cleaned separately for the sparkling finish you want.

These pieces feature fun cartoon decals and text you know and love from Kevin Smith’s View Askewniverse. Smoke with Jay, Silent Bob, Mooby,  Bluntman, Chronic and of course the always happy, and scrappy Buddy Christ. There are 7 different styles that come in 4 colors. Each mini water pipe comes with its own custom box for a simple storage solution and a dynamic display option.

B5165B - Groovy Blue
Looks like somebody let one go, Jay is accusing Bob.