My Bud Vase has created the Lotus collection to represent the light and positivity that is present even in the bleakest of moments.

Rooted in muddy waters and breaking the surface to bloom magnificent and whole, the lotus flower is a symbol of perseverance, purity, and hope. My Bud Vase wishes you the courage and strength required to rise through the mud and bloom into who you are meant to be. Let the Lotus set be a reminder that despite the obstacles you may face to reach the surface, you should trust the unseen path that leads you to the sun. 

The Lotus Porcelain Set features a beautifully designed and vibrantly colorful floral pattern, sure to brighten your day and bring life to any room or setting. Light the candle to set the mood and enjoy your sessions with the Lotus waterpipe, with plenty of room for your dry herbs and other accessories on the matching porcelain tray.