Maze-X Pipe Advanced Cooling and Filtering Technology


NeXt Gen aMAZEing

The MAZE-X pipe improves on its predecessor's unprecedented smoke smoothness. Weedgets cough-less technology is on full display in the Maze-X, protecting your lungs by rapidly cooling smoke before it hits them. This advanced design helps remove hot resin and cleans easily with Isopropyl alcohol, soap, and water.  The flexible silicone and durable aircraft-grade aluminum used to create the incredible Maze-X make it the ideal travel pipe. A collapsable design allows the pipe to fit in virtually any purse, bag, or travel pouch. Another travel-friendly feature is the silicone lid that snaps over the borosilicate glass screen bowl and packed dry herbs. Like the rest of this modular spoon, the glass bowl is easily removed to clean and replace.