Microscope Milli Waterpipe

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Boro Tech's Microscope Milli Rig can provide you with a deeper understanding and new perspective of the world around you, just not in the conventional sense that an average microscope would.

For both science and non science lovers alike, this fully functional art piece is shaped like a microscope but with some added extras. The rig sits atop a 3.5" wide base and is crafted from opaque black and white borosilicate glass. Behind these walls hides a showerhead perc that filters smoke through water creating an amazingly smooth smoking experience. Smoke then travels through the microscopes neck and into your lungs with the the help of the mouthpieces flared head creating an airtight seal. The viewing lens in this case is represented by a beautiful glass Milli adding a bit of natural beauty to a design grounded in science, with the Boro Tech Logo appearing on the side of the microscopes water chamber. 

This lovely scientific smoking device includes a 14mm male funnel bowl but we definitely recommend picking up a banger nail to pair with the bongs 14mm female joint and trying this piece with concentrates as well!