Nested Showerhead Perc Dab Rig

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What a fine piece of scientific glass, with a beautifully crafted water perc.

Designed from top to bottom using borosilicate glass this dab rig features a wide base, skinny neck, and flared mouthpiece all designed to create an enjoyable dabbing experience. This classic style dab rig has a 14mm male joint and includes an angled female 14mm glass dome & nail for use with concentrates that sits atop the joint at a 90° angle. Concentrate smoke is filtered through a showerhead perc made of vibrant colored glass nested within a second turbine style perc made of clear glass. The beaker's skinny neck acts as a natural splashguard to protect you from splashback while smoking, and the flared mouthpiece makes an airtight seal easily achievable.

Nothing crazy but plenty of quality with this classic dab rig with a percolator twist, or nest more accurately.