PAX 2 Vaporizer

by PAX
Ploom took their PAX Vaporizer and improved it with their PAX 2 version, which is arguably the most popular portable vaporizer on the market. The PAX 2 dry herb vaporizer is 25% smaller, 10% lighter, and 30% more powerful than the original PAX. Blending seamless efficiency with compact transportability, the PAX 2 has become the standard for herb vaporizers across the industry. One of the most amazing features of this vape is its self-optimization. The PAX 2 can sense when it's being used thanks to its lip and motion sensing technology, which allows it to put itself into stand-by mode to conserve battery life and preserve the contents of the herb chamber. Featuring a simple one button interface, this vaporizer contains 4 optimized temperature presets for your preference (360˚, 380˚, 400˚, and 420˚F). The aesthetics of this vape are unprecedented and unmatched. It contains LED interface accents to give it an extremely distinguished appearance. Featuring a polished and traversed brushed anodized aluminum shell, the PAX 2 matches its beautiful appearance with its durability. The upgraded PAX 2 is lighter and smaller than the original, giving it increased portability and making it even easier for discreet smoking. This vaporizer has a 10 year warranty on its electronics and heating elements. It is available in your choice of color. The PAX 2 by Ploom includes the following accessories:
  • 1 x Charging Cradle
  • 1 x Cleaning Kit
  • 1 x Flat Mouthpiece
  • 1 x Raised Mouthpiece
  • 1 x USB Cord