by PuffCo

Inventive & Powerful Portability

The amount of features stuffed in the Puffco Plus is surprising given its sleek design. The mouthpiece on this concentrate vaporizer acts as a loading tool, a splashguard, and carb cap. Puffco is adamant on stating that this is the first pocket nail, creating the best mobile dabbing method possible. The Puffco Plus can change temperatures as well. Make sure to read the included instructional manual so you can keep your vape pen in top shape. 

Remove and gently push down on the top of the Plus' silicone mouthpiece to drop down the "dart" dab tool allowing you to scoop concentrates with ease and load them into the ceramic heating chamber. The dart is not only a loading tool and mouthpiece but also acts as an internal carb cap, combine this feature with the fact that your concentrates never come in contact with the heating element means the Puffco Plus  produces the purest and most flavorful clouds of smoke with every use. 

The Puffco Plus features a strong battery that powers three temperature settings and 30 to 50 hits per charge depending on your personal smoking preferences. The Plus recharges using a 510 thread USB connection included with your purchase.