Replacement Screen Set

by PAX
This replacement set of PAX screens comes directly from the manufacturer and compatible with both the PAX 2 and 3 devices. The PAX screen is actually a solid plate with a screen-like pattern; no actual holes. The design allows for maximum heat transfer and channels vapor around the scalloped edges as you draw on the device. Each pack contains 3 replacement screens.


Pax recommends replacing your screen every 2-4 months depending on usage. When replacing your PAX screens it's very important to do so correctly, as it can greatly impact the quality of vapor. Be sure the oven is cool before removing the screen you are replacing, and hold your PAX so that the oven is facing up towards you, as you would when hitting the vaporizer. Place one corner of the screen in the end of the oven furthest away from the vapor path's opening, lay the other end in loosely so it sits high above the opening to the vapor path.Press firmly down in the center of the screen, so that it curves in the middle, and the screen should lock right in place.After inserting, flip your PAX over and tap the sides. If the screen stays put then you're good to go!

Before replacing your screen, trying cleaning it! Regularly cleaning your PAX screens will greatly increase their longevity and ensure you're inhaling the purest vapors from your PAX device. Whenever convenient, soak the oven screen in isopropyl alcohol for as long as you are comfortable, the longer you let the screen soak the easier it will be to remove residue. Remove as much accumulated build as you can from the PAX screen, particularly around the edges where vapor is channeled. Once the screen is cleaned to your satisfaction, pop it back in and enjoy a cleaner smoking session!