Roadie Silicone Car Ashtray

by Ooze
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Ooze Roadie AshtraySilicone ashtray perfect for car

The silicone Ooze Roadie Ashtray is perfectly sized for the car’s drink caddy. This ashtray features premium, hospital-grade, platinum cured silicone, which resists high heat up to 550 degrees. Colors include black, green, and orange with black tops.

The bodies of the Ooze Roadie Ashtray are flexible and unbreakable with black, 3-slot removable silicone tops. The cap has a hole big enough to drop in butts and lock the stale stink in the silicone body below until you can empty it. 

The Ooze Roadie Ashtray is water-resistant and non-stick. Silicone can withstand extreme hot and cold temperatures without losing integrity, and it is colorfast, ensuring no fade. Cleanup is easy as these ashtrays are dishwasher safe.