RöK Dry Airpath Tube

by Pulsar

Totally Tubular RöK Parts

This certified Pulsar Rok Dry Airpath Tube replacement part gives you two of these genuine internal parts. These tubes are made to meet the design needs of the RöK, are made of premium material, and keep your e-rig ready and clean.

These internal airway tubes are medical-grade stainless steel. So, even though thin, they are powerful and won't interfere with terp flavors and big, dank rips. Each part order comes with two tubes to replace those inside the RöK.


RöK Star Accessories

Pulsar’s certified replacement parts are durable, affordable, and made to maximize your dabs! These airflow tubes are also easy to maintain with a simple cleaner soak. With proper care, these steel tubes can last sesh after sesh.

The Pulsar Rok Dry Airpath Tube replacement part keeps this e-rig ready to rip. And, to prepare for the next best sesh, check out Dankstop’s other great dab accessories, too, and customize your gear!