Rosey Budding Little Vase 

Having a beautiful bong like the My Bud Vase - Rosette is both a hidden secret and a ‘wow’ factor at the same time. Beautifully designed and hand-crafted water pipes like the Rosette line bring a new level of enhancement to your weed.


They’re throwbacks to vintage French porcelain, with curvy bodies and colorful stone(r)ware relief flowers for that air of realism. It’s such a pretty and unique piece that it even comes with a certificate of authenticity!


The Gift That Gives

Beautiful stoneware ceramic brings this sculptured vase to life. There are multiple color options, but even two colors will have hand-crafted differences making these vase bongs unique collectibles. First and foremost, though, they are a beautiful bong.


This 6.5” My Bud Vase - Rosette bong has a custom-made, 9 mm, 2.5" small clear bubble bowl and a fixed downstem. There’s also a matching flower poker included. All elements are made to work together to look like a beautiful piece of art (which it is, just functional art).


Keeping Spirits High

Art is an investment, but the Rosette Bud Vase stays within most smokers’ budgets. Protect it with a bong pad, and make sure you get other premium smoke accessories to keep this vase company.