Seamless OG Beveled Edge Banger

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Quartz Banger Badness

In this competitive line of high-end quartz bangers, the Honeybee Herb Original Bevel | SW delivers the purest terp flavors and vapors and the most roast for your dab rig. 

It’s 3mm thick, 25mm wide on the outer diameter, 38mm high with a beveled top edge to work well with carb caps, a seamless weld that improves airflow and makes the banger stronger despite poor torch aim, and finally, a frosted joint for a great seal.

The Honeybee Herb quartz banger Original Bevel | SW models come in 45º and 90º options, either male or female versions, and 10mm/14mm/18mm sizes. You would expect to pay a lot more like other single weld quartz bangers for this premium product.