Skinny Triple Honeycomb Perc Water Pipe

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Although the Skinny Triple Honeycomb Perc Water Pipe is slim to say the least, it is made out thick, quality glass and sits on a 3.5" base. There is a total of three honeycomb percs located in the body of the bong. Each of these percs diffuse your smoke as it makes its way through the chambers of the bong. The straight neck has two maria rings on it that help with grip and a flared mouthpiece for a comfortable, airtight seal when your lips are pressed to it. This clear glass water pipe comes with a matching 14mm male bowl with handle that fits snugly into the 14mm female joint of the piece. The color accents are located on the flared mouthpiece, around the base, on each honeycomb perc, and at the top half of the bowl. Choices of color include clear, blue, and black.