Skinny Tron Bubbler

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Giving ode to the classic movie and video game franchise, the Skinny Tron Bubbler has a very interesting color scheme. There are many blue lines that run perpendicular to each other throughout the bubbler. These corresponding lines rest on a clear purple glass body. There are even some green lines as well. These decorative lines start and stop at each end of the pipe. The bottom of the Skinny Tron Bubbler is flat so you can rest the bubbler on any flat surface without the worry of it falling over. No one wants to clean up dirty water or waste a good pack of herb. Or worse, have your pipe fall over and it cracks or chips. At the other end of the pipe is the flat mouthpiece. The flat mouthpiece has a generous opening to allow for easy inhalation of your smoke. The mouthpiece is connected to the bent neck which has two decorative maria rings at the base. In front of the maria rings is a deep bowl. A deep bowl is very valuable no matter the size of the piece, because who wants to keep refilling their pipe in the middle of a smoke session? If you look in between the stripes and through the purple glass of the Skinny Tron Bubbler, you will find a fixed downstem. This downstem pushes your smoke into the water, diffusing it for a much smoother taste. A carb hole can be found to the side of the deep bowl. This controls the flow of air as you inhale.