Skull and Roses Art Design Beaker

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A Spooky Beaker Beauty

The beautifully adorned Skulls and Roses Beaker Bong from Dankstop makes a statement while delivering premium performance! It’s beautiful beyond the awesome artwork, too, with its high-quality materials and premium features!


This 14mm F beaker bong features clear glass with permanent, painted art, a removable 45º joint, and a diffuser down the stem. There’s also a rounded mouthpiece and a 3-pinch ice catch to chill and condense your smoke for smoother, cooler hits.


Borosilicate Features

This Skulls and Roses Beaker Bong has intricate, permanent, hand-made art featuring skulls, roses, leaves, vines, and branches! The beaker has a wide, flat bottom base for great stability and a smoke-chilling 3-pinch ice catch. A matching funnel herb bowl with a handle is included.


This borosilicate glass bong is shatter-resistant and made to withstand extreme temperatures. That makes it ideal as a dab rig by swapping the bowl for a premium banger nail. It’s also easy to clean and maintain for long-lasting use.