Skulls 12" Hexagon Water Pipe

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This 12” hexagon base bong is a modern twist on the classic beaker. Made from handblown borosilicate glass and includes a 14mm herb bowl and an inside-cut 18mm>14mm diffused downstem, ideal for optimal filtration and a softer hit as well as a bullet hole ice pinch which allows you to cool the smoke significantly. The wide mouthpiece provides enough space to secure an airtight hit and the 12” size gives a comfortable amount of room for a solid grip.

The water pipe has a black mouthpiece and matching accents on the bowl handle. Along the stylish hexagon base you can find the classic GNR font and quintessential Guns N’ Roses logo, as well as the iconic skull portraits of the band.

This 12” hexagon base bong offers diffusion and epic GNR images, making it perfect as an everyday water pipe for solo sessions or for sharing (and showing off) to friends. Fans and smoking connoisseurs alike will love this awesome design. The entire line of Guns N’ Roses smoking accessories is available to order, right here, while supplies last.