Slim Twist PRO Vaporizer

by Ooze

Ooze's number one selling and most-reliable vape pen has turned PRO! The Slim Twist Pro has all the potential to be your new daily portable smoking device for both oil cartridges, and wax concentrates. The versatile battery and travel-friendly design make the Twist Pro kit a perfect vape pen option for wax concentrate and oil smokers new and old alike.

The Slim Twist Pro battery features a dial control on the bottom of the pen, controlling temperature with a range from 3.3 volts (preferred for most oil cartridges) up to 4.8 volts (best for wax concentrates). After selecting a temperature you can activate the Twist Pro's preheat mode with two clicks of the power button, this function comes in handy when using your wax concentrates with the included Slim Twist Pro dual quartz atomizer, pre-heating your concentrates to an easier to consume temperature.

Wax, Oil, Prefilled, and refillable cartridges are all compatible with the Slim Twist PRO vaporizer battery!