Small Hard Top 2 Piece Grinder

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Cali Crusher's herb/tobacco grinder combines quality, efficiency, and simplicity to make your perfect new stealth "To-Go" Grinder! At only .75" in height with a 2" Diameter, it makes for a perfect companion for smokers on the move. Cali Crushers go through a rigorous process before they reach the customer. They are crafted from a single piece of high grade CNC aluminum and receive protective coating created by a procedure called "anodizing" that makes them scratch proof. This 2 piece grinder distinguishes itself from others by using diamond-shaped teeth. These teeth won't get dull from metal fatigue, run no risk of aluminum or other unhealthy debris getting in your smoking blend, and provide a consistent grind with every use. This durable 2 piece grinder by Cali Crusher is simple, yet highly effective and reliable.