Smoked Glass Spoon Pipe

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The Marley Natural brand now has a second high quality glass line in their series of excellent smoking devices. All of these new glass products feature high quality tinted "smoked" glass and gold accents. All the pieces in the "Smoked" series come in a custom box, uniquely designed for each glass pipe.

The Marley Natural Smoked Spoon Pipe has an extremely wide, deep bowl for making it the perfect hand pipe for those of us who enjoy a large hit. The bowl has a flat base, preventing rolling and giving this spoon a comfortable resting position, with a carb hole located on the side of this bowl chamber. The stem of this spoon pipe features the Marley Natural logo in gold with a matching stripe, and a flat mouth for comfort when smoking. The spoon pipe is a classic, simple design, yet Marley natural has managed to provide an elegant and functional twist with this modern design.