Stella Vaporizer


Dr.Dabber continues to make advances in the world of vaporizer technology this time evidenced in the form of the incredible Stella portable vape pen!

Stella's new features begin with a redesigned mouthpiece for a modern and comfortable aesthetic. This new mouthpiece caps off a built-in alumina ceramic vaporization chamber with a sealed alumina ceramic heating element that pairs perfectly with a state of the art TCR heating element battery. TCR (Temperature Coefficient Resistance) refers to Stella’s temperature control which unlike other batteries adjusts voltage output whenever you switch temperatures rather than a constant voltage. This advanced technology means you can expect less dry or burnt hits, longer atomizer, coil, and battery life, and an overall higher performance level from Stella.

Each temperature setting from 460 to 775 degrees Fahrenheit was selected to perform exceptionally well with a wide variety of oils from the expert team at Dr.Dabber using direct feedback from their customers. With this knowledge, Dr.Dabber has crafted an easy to use portable vape pen with stellar performance. Stella only needs the press of a button to change the way you vape your concentrates forever.